We're creating a place where ADHDers feel good about themselves!

An ADHD Healing Community where we overcome self-doubt so we can thrive in our neurotypical world!

About Us

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Welcome to Permission to be ADHD, or what we call P2B for short!

We're glad you're here, so what's this about?

This is a monthly or annual community subscription for ADHDers by ADHDers who understand what does and does not work for us and have created a healing environment where we can experience safety, belonging, and dignity as we regroup, get empowered, and grow together! 

Come on in, take a breath, and do with others what we cannot do alone! We know the key to skill building, emotion regulation, and overall better living begins with a community of like-minded ADHDers who have the same goal….a less complicated life!

"Why should I be doing this now?"

No one has ever done what we are trying to do before…you will be a trailblazer in the ADHD community. Be one of the first people to help us show that there is power in community learning. You often hear your ADHD peers complaining about the many methods they’ve tried to help manage their ADHD with little to no success…it’s because most of what’s available is individual, isolated, one on one programs with therapists, courses, or activities meant to be done by yourself.  When you are constantly surrounded by people who can’t understand, including the professionals trying to help you, it feels impossible. Feeling alienated stops progress. 

We need to change the way we interact with ADHD, it is a different kind of normal, and there is nothing wrong with us. In order to break the narrative that we are ‘abnormal’ or ‘lazy’ or ‘unreliable’, we need the perspective of all of us collectively to change it and create an environment that can actually heal us and make room for growth. The reason the other methods fail is because they are trying to teach us to appear neurotypical, when we should be learning how to embrace our strengths and educate others on how WE like to function….because we deserve to function the way that we are without being changed.

This program is right for you if…

  • You constantly feel misunderstood by your neurotypical peers and family. You’re ashamed that you can’t simplify tasks and function in a society that wasn’t made for you, even though everyone expects you to just ‘figure it out’.
  • You feel like the loneliness and chaos you’re drowning in has a perfectly reasonable solution, but for some reason it's impossible to find.
  • The disorganization, the overstimulation, the absolute overwhelm of everyday tasks snowballing into items on your to-do list that will never get done and haunt you. The rollercoaster of emotions that come with every single decision you have to make being ten times the amount of effort and time it should actually take.
  • And to top it all off, you’re exhausted….because you’ve been trying to find help for years and either have absolutely no idea where to start, or feel like you’ve been led down countless dead ends and you are ready to give up and accept that things will never change.

All of us at PermissiontobeADHD have been there, and we know how hard it is. We've learned that breaking out of this pattern is something you can’t do alone. 

So...What's the solution?

Healing and skill building cannot happen without the support and understanding of others who have ADHD and are working to build better lives for themselves. 

Community is what is going to break you out of this cycle and make you feel safe enough to actually live your life the way YOU want. You deserve to be able to function without constant stress and overwhelming exhaustion. 

We have built a program that functions through community-based learning and courses where you get to decide how you want to learn and how fast you’d like to go. You will make lifelong friends who understand the struggle of ‘existing with extra steps’, who will listen when things get tough and help keep you motivated when that executive function disorder rears its ugly head. 

You might be wondering, who are we and why us specifically?  All of us here at Permission to be ADHD has ADHD and serendipitously came together to build this program because of the same shared experience….we all grew up without help for our ADHD; in fact, we all grew up with criticism, judgment, and exclusion because of our ADHD. We all had to figure out how to survive and function in a world that made it extremely difficult...a world that didn’t recognize ADHD or its symptoms. A few of us in particular weren’t even diagnosed until much later on in life, and if we had the resources and the support group we needed earlier, it would have saved us from a great deal of suffering and isolation. We had to figure out all of this the hard way, and we want to share our skills and experience with you so that nobody else has to spend years struggling by themselves. 

Our most fearless P2B Leader is our Founder and CEO, Marise Rowell, who grew up with ADHD before it was a thing! Despite her ADHD, she successfully graduated Cum Laude from Tulane University with a B.A. and then a Master's at Auburn in Speech Communication and Training and Development, created a successful career as a Certified Hotel Administrator, experienced a few other changes and starts, and wound up changing careers mid-life to become an LCPC in Montana! She then became an ADHD specialist in her community, and realized in her private practice that traditional therapy models are not very conducive for ADHDers! So, she's transitioned to ADHD Community Designer, Manager, and Coach so we can build like-minded ADHD communities and do together what we cannot do alone, which is heal from our ADHD-related traumas and create our Best ADHD Lives! 

In our free Facebook Group, we learned that affordability and accessibility are the greatest barriers to finding and keeping ADHD support. What a tragedy! We also know trying to feel better about yourself and your ADHD using neurotypical standards and expectations leads to functional disaster, and a host of what are called "co-morbid disorders" such as depression, anxiety, bipolar, and other mental health challenges. BUT...we have an answer to all this...


  • Being able to focus on a main task without getting distracted by other sub-tasks or actions. Being able to sift through your goals and know which ones to prioritize so that you don’t get so overwhelmed.
  • Being able to recognize when certain emotions aren’t serving you and having the language to communicate those polarizing feelings to loved ones. Being able to explain your behavior and preferences in a way that resonates with neurotypicals and doesn’t invalidate your needs.
  • Being able to know the differences in health versus toxic guilt and shame, and how to choose your responses according to your compassionate wants and needs. 
  • Being able to have a place to go when you need advice or comfort that’s available to you anytime of the day filled with people who understand you and empathize. 
  • Being a better parent, friend, and partner that can educate the people in their lives about the struggle and differences that come with having ADHD so that you and the next generation can feel safe in their own skin.

Still wondering if this is right for you?

"This sounds too good to be true, I've already spent so much money for not many results, and I don't have anymore time..."

We have worked incredibly hard to make all of this as affordable as possible, we want to help as many people as we can for as long as we can. The decided monthly subscription price is roughly the amount you’d pay for a nice dinner out. One slightly fancy dinner or an ENTIRE month of constant support and opportunities to learn and grow? We felt like the answer was pretty obvious for us. 

"This looks like it could become overwhelming..."

You might be feeling the pressure of having potential courses to complete and the social obligation of the community, but we want you to know that there is ZERO pressure. You have as much time as you want, and you don’t even have to complete our courses to succeed. They are supplements, simply being a part of the community will improve your way of life. You will learn secondhand from your peers and feel motivated naturally through the discourse there! The point of this is recognizing that every ADHD’er has their own pace and habits, we are here to accommodate and compliment your way of learning. Don’t forget that all of us here have the same kind of procrastination bugs and cycles of productivity, we get it! A lot of failed task completion for ADHD’ers stems from shame. There is no shame here, there is no right or wrong way to participate!

Let's work together so ADHDers everywhere can have full Permission to be ADHD, love themselves and appreciate their talents. We invite you to join us to Create Your BEST ADHD Life!


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